Expert Auto Repairs and Maintenance You Can Trust–Ninth Street Auto Repair

The one thing we want make sure our customers know is that “We Care.” We care about your vehicle, its overall condition, and providing top-notch auto repairs. It’s not enough just to care, but we have the skills to do something about it. We just understand that it’s not just your vehicle that we are repairing. We’re restoring your ability to do any number of things throughout your daily schedule: drive to work, take a road trip, or give a friend a ride to the airport. We’re here to keep your life in motion and keep you on the road. Any visit to an auto repair shop for services is nothing more than an interruption to your busy schedule. We’ve made an investment in the skill of our team by staying abreast of new technology, receiving the latest training, Our technicians are always at the forefront of the newest innovations so that you can be assured that you are receiving way above average services. All of our services done with excellence, meaning they’re done right the first time. Stop here first, before you go anywhere else.

We are currently working out of an 11 bay repair facility with some of the newest equipment available in the automotive industry. To be just as skilled, our technicians attend annual college courses that are continuing to add to our skill sets. No other repair shop in Central Oregon receives the same amount of continued education as Ninth Street Auto Repair technicians do. Our focus is always on your safety and the safety of your passengers. Honest and integrity are principles that we have built our services upon. The Ninth Street Auto Repair standard is a new quality of auto service. We strive to be the highest level of quality in the Bend, OR area.