Specializing in Quality Brake Services–Ninth Street Auto Repair

Anyone who drives a car, understands how important brake repair and maintenance services are. The quality of your drive will depend largely on the condition of your brakes. You always want your ride to be smooth and quiet, but these might be the first things that tip you off about a brake repair need. Bringing your brake repair needs and concerns to Ninth Street Auto Repair in Bend, OR is the safest decision any driver in this area can make. Our decades of brake repair experience with all makes and models, gives us the confidence to fix any of your braking system issue. We want you to have the same confidence in us. That confidence will ultimately extend to your brakes. After you visit us, you can be confident that every time you apply your brakes, there will be no more high-pitched squeals, no more slow brakes, and no more vibrating pedals. These are just a few of the troubling sign that your brakes could be showing, but we are equipped to eliminate them all.

Your complete brake services will take care of your entire braking system, including replacing rotors, calipers, brake pads, and more. For all replacements, we use the OEM equivalent based on the manufacturer. During any brake service, we usually change fluids, and offer a complete brake fluid flush. We’re also here to perform any strut and shock services for your vehicle. Improve your vehicle’s ability to brake smoothly, and eliminate alarming noises by visiting us at Ninth Street Auto Repair. Your brakes are very important to your safety and the safety of your passenger. Don’t delay on getting your brake repair services or any questions answered. Our expert counsel is absolutely free! Contact us today if you have any issues with your braking system.