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Transmission Related Check Engine Light Issues are Free for the initial check!

When that little red light on your dashboard comes on, it might make some drivers nervous. But it doesn’t have to. We take all the mystery out of your check engine light repairs. There’s a long list of potential problems that could have triggered your check engine light. Our technicians can narrow it down really quickly and let you know exactly what’s going on under the hood. Ninth Street Auto Repair is here to make your check engine “problem” go away. All we need is for you to bring your vehicle to our shop. Because you are able to continue driving like normal, does not mean that you should. Whenever your check engine light come on, things are certainly not “normal.” The actual problem can be something very minute like a loose gas cap. Or it could be a more complex engine repair. The faster you let us take a look, the faster you will have all the answers you need to decide your next course of action. The check engine light was created to alert you long before you do extensive (and expensive) damage to your car. When drivers ignore the light and just continue to drive without getting it checked out, they could be doing irreparable damage. Take advantage of the time that your check engine light provides you, by taking action. You will receive the most informed and the most experienced service at Ninth Street Auto Repair. Responding promptly to check engine light alerts is all a part of your extending the life of your vehicle. Performing quick and complete repairs is part of our plan to ensure a long road-life for your car.

Stop by our shop today if you have any questions or concerns about your check engine light. If you’ve received services from another shop recently, and your check engine light is back already, take that as a sign. You should bring your vehicle to Ninth Street Auto Repair in Bend, OR, who specializes in diagnosing and repairing any check engine light for all makes and models.