Specializing in Complex Transmission Services–Ninth Street Auto Repair

All Transmission Rebuilds Include Free Lube Oil & Filter for as Long as You Own Your Vehicle*Diesel Excluded

Many automobile enthusiasts and DIY-ers like to perform all of their vehicle repairs and maintenance by themselves. We understand the enjoyment that people can get from working on their automobiles. However, there are some auto repairs that even the most enthusiastic of car enthusiasts will pass on. Transmission repairs are one such service that usually requires the knowledge, skill, and experience of a professional. Ninth Street Auto Repair has loads of all three. As a current AAMCO station, we have continued to develop our expertise for the past 50 years. Noticing any warning signs in your transmission’s operation: slipping, inability to move, grinding, or check engine light? Come see the experts at Ninth Street Auto Repair in Bend, OR, we’ll give you the most accurate diagnosis of your transmission. It may not be necessary to remanufacture your transmission, but we may be able to solve your issue with our Pan Off service. We’ll change the filter and look at what’s actually happening inside the transmission.

Your transmission services are no longer a problem when you come to Ninth Street Auto Repair. We can restore your vehicle’s transmission after remanufacturing it in our shop in Bend, OR. Expect complete and thorough service when you bring your transmission to us first. We will eliminate all the issues for good, and we won’t have you returning for the same issues a week later. Our experts are on every transmission service, performing complete flushes. The sophisticated tools and equipment that we use even helps the transmission clean itself. All components are covered, including torque converters, transmission cooler, and cooler lines. Stop by our shop today! Or just give us a call to schedule an appointment that fits your schedule. We look forward to serving you!